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Welcome to the Final Fantasy Round-Up!

Praise be to Yevon all!

Welcome to the Final Fantasy Round-Up!

We are a team of Cosplayers based in the United Kingdom that cosplay Final Fantasy for the love of it.

We cosplay mainly at this event:

MCM London Expo
Every May and October. And we always have something planned!

So whether you cosplay any Final Fantasy or You want to Photograph us- you'll always be a part of the crew!

We've had a Successful first Run in May 2011, and Now we're out to make October the BEST YET!

Please feel free to ask for help, or to commune with one another! We're all a family here!



## You can only submit work into this place if you are the following:
- From the United Kingdom
- Or Cosplay at a United Kingdom Convention
- A Final Fantasy Cosplayer

We're now open to the UK convention goers who have FF Cosplays!

Facebook group:…
Facebook page:…

**NOTE ON GROUP ENTRY FOR FB GROUP**: To gain membership within this community, you must be an active photographer, cosplayer or commisioner for this group and must have attended a con with our members in the United Kingdom

Wakka Out!

(C) All rights rerserved. We are not part of Sqaure Enix and are not affiliated in of their events. We do not claim any profits that are made whilst we operate any events. We do not hold responsibility for any of Square Enix actions however we freely promote their product at our own leisure and not for capital gain.
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Apr 22, 2011


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161 Members
175 Watchers
10,422 Pageviews
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Praise be to Etro!

The Round-Up is back with yet another update of the fun, fab, and sometimes hilarious collection of jaw-dropping costumes and mischievous antics. I know I say time and time again, that these updates will become more frequent and it never really happens, but with our beloved Captain cracking the whip and so many opportunities for Round-Up endeavours, I can safely say that it will actually become a reality!

So, what have we been up to in this lull of silence? One word: Amecon.

We didn't get as big a turn out as at Expo, namely because it's a smaller con, but we still had a loud presence all the same! Who could forget the glorious rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that took over Friday night? (I actually wanted to write Bohemian Rhapsodos then…maybe that's a sneaky hint to all the Genesis cosplayers out there - SOLDIER boy band maybe?) The people were lovely, the campus was nice, the costumes were phenomenal and despite a little hiccough with the Ball that meant some of us boycotted it to demonstrate a little more solidarity for a FFRer that was turned away (for looking too fly, clearly) it was definitely an outing to remember. But rather than merely blathering on in text, here are some prime examples of just how wonderful the costumes were.

Sorceress Edea by Foxseye  Bahamut X by Foxseye Past and Future Yuna Amecon '12 by KaniKaniza Belgemine Amecon '12 by KaniKaniza Don't mess with Witches Amecon '12 by KaniKaniza Rinoa and Selphie steampunk ver. Amecon '12 by KaniKaniza Kill me now, ya know?! Amecon '12 by KaniKaniza Woodland guardian by Moonlight-Requiem Final Fantasy XIII Gadot Cosplay: Get the F*** Out by ManticoreEX

I would add more, but then I'd be here all day. Everyone that was at Amecon deserves one hell of a round of applause. Firstly for being so damn loveable, and secondly for turning out and dazzling us all with some wicked photography and some spectacular costumes. I know they've certainly inspired me to look forward to the future - and that of course primarily means looking forward to Expo!

As usual, there are plenty of things going on for the FFR, with confirmed groups so far including:

FF Aeon Team
FF Ex Mode Team
FFVII Dirge of Cerberus Team
FFVII - Crisis Core

All of these groups have individual shoots/gatherings planned, so if you want to take part, snap some photos, or just come along and see some jaw droppingly wonderful people, please, please, PLEASE keep checking the  FFR Facebook group, as it has the most up to date information and contact details for everyone involved. Having said that though, we do have some massive gatherings planned (I've always wondered how we manage to converge in one place without the world imploding from the sheer volume of skill in one location, but somehow the FFR has found a way!)

The Meets will take place on:

Friday: 3pm - At the front of ExCel (where the benches are)
7pm - Prize giving and general meet on the grassy quad area.
Saturday: 12:30pm - At the front of ExCel (Benches again) for the Meet
1pm Photo Shoot.
Sunday: 12pm - At the front of ExCel (Benches yet again) for the Meet
12:30pm for the Shoot.

Anyone still in need of a photographer for MCM however should also check out the lovely folk at Trinity Wisdom Studios and CosplayPortrait   to see which slots are still available.

Please don't be afraid to come along and say hello. We're a pretty easy bunch to find (especially when out in full force) and the more the merrier. I promise all of these walking works of art aren't as intimidating as their costumes.  :) So y'know…join us! Become part of the big Round-Up family, we're not as dysfunctional as we look!

But just to give you a little taste of what to expect at Expo, here are some examples of the Round-Up at work!

Warrior Goddess MCM May '12 by KaniKaniza Judge Gabranth FF12 by sasashie :thumb305086764: Dreaming of the future by DarkerLink Cecil Harvey MCM May '12 by KaniKaniza Master and slave by sasashie Final Fantasy Round Up 73 by sasashie Squall Leonhart - Close Up 1 by SketchMcDraw Vincent Valentine MCM May '11 by KaniKaniza

While Expo is understandably a central part of the Round-Up's activities, it's not the only candle we're burning! With a modest representation at EuroGamer, a Christmas Meet in the works, and a rather nifty yearbook, we've got plenty to keep ourselves busy with. For further details on these however, once again the primary source of information will always be the FB Page, because not everyone on there is as slack at keeping up to date as I am!

And that I believe, is about it for now!
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With over 230+ Members << Facebook Group

We are now opening ourselves to International cosplayers.

However if you would like to submit your work and you are NOT from the UK

Please submit your work to the INTERNATIONAL Folder

Gallery Folders

Work in Progress
Group Press
Group Artwork


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